The Independent Journalism Center

The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) was the first non-governmental media organization in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1994, it has been supporting the free press and assisting journalists committed to deontological standards.


For over 25 years, IJC has promoted respect for the right to freedom of expression and for the right of access to information. We instruct advocates for critical thinking, and their numbers grow from year to year. We constantly alert the public to the dangers of misinformation and appeal to the authorities to be responsible.

innovative tools

The cuMINTE podcast, the Media Radar application, and the T(V)E Priveste! platform were created by the IJC to help media consumers stay informed by reliable sources and protected from waves of propaganda and misinformation.


have developed their skills in teaching Media Education as a subject

pupils and students

have become and remain advocates for critical thinking

Our Achievements

Media literacy
in 2020