Our Mission & Vision

The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is the first non-governmental media organization in the Republic of Moldova. It was founded in 1994 as a project of the Open World House and became an independent organization in 1998.

The IJC formulates its mission in terms of democratic values contributing to consolidating a free and viable press—including new media—by implementing projects in media education and training journalists and by sponsoring advocacy campaigns, research, and non-profit journalistic products.

Regarding its legal status, the IJC is a non-profit, apolitical non-governmental organization (NGO).

Over the years, the IJC has launched and implemented a number of projects to improve journalists’ working conditions in the Republic of Moldova and the legal framework for the media. In addition, the IJC has undertaken a number of actions to support the freedom of press and solidarity within the guild and to promote professional standards.

Since 2019, IJC activity has been guided by a new strategy according to which the organization contributes to:

  • increasing audience size and preparing high-quality journalistic materials;
  • promoting transparency and access to information of public interest;
  • protecting journalists’ rights.
  • empowering the authorities concerned to facilitate independent media activity in line with the principles of a democratic society;
  • supporting journalism pursuant to deontological standards;
  • raising media consumers’ awareness of the dangers of misinformation;
  • instructing new advocates for critical thinking.

Along with ongoing thematic programs, we would also like to mention two important annual events organized by the IJC and held under its auspices: Press Freedom Days (in May) and the Press Gala (in December).

In addition to our website, www.cji.md, the IJC administers three additional portals: Media Azi that publishes news from the media field, the Mediacritica portal that promotes media education and critical thinking, and the Moldova Azi portal, a multimedia resource where the public can find and watch all the videos IJC has produced.

The IJC is a member of the South East European Network for Professionalization of the Media (SEENPM), IFEX, and the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD).

Detailed information on projects we have implemented is available at www.cji.md under the heading Our Activity.