The IJC Team

Nadine Gogu

For the IJC Executive Director, every day is a lesson as the saying goes. When she left the Academy of Sciences for journalism, she had no idea how useful the skills she had obtained during her doctoral studies would be, though not the ones for studying germs as it turned out. Rather, the ones for “purifying” the press which she acquired at the IJC were the more valuable along with many other new capabilities from organizing training sessions, galas, and solidarity marches to developing strategic plans and institutional policies.

Anastasia Nani

The IJC Deputy Director uses her skills as an investigative journalist and the speed of a reporter when working on an article or coordinating teamwork. She may annoy her colleagues by always reminding them about deadlines, but she does everything to make things go smoothly.

Ina Grejdeanu

She is the Strategic Development Director and always has her finger on the pulse of IJC projects. During breaks, she focuses on strategic documents and other vital “bureaucratic” issues that keep the IJC running smoothly and efficiently. She strongly believes in the power of the team: without it, projects would have no impact, only indicators.

Mariana Tabuncic

Mariana is the Program Manager and is convinced that involvement makes a difference and that motivation and attitude enhance group power. Her strategy is the more you plan, the more you manage to do, and she successfully applies it both at IJC and at home.

Victoria Tataru

Victoria is the Program Coordinator who, among other things, manages time challenges to help pupils assimilate knowledge in Media Education in order to become informed and responsible information consumers.

Victoria Dodon

She is the IJC Editor-in-Chief who makes sure that publications always look right. She is a perfectionist who never misses a single (or a dropped) comma. “When will the text be ready?” is one of her favorite daily tools in her kit.

Cristina Durnea

The Program Manager who is a true defender of journalists’ rights and legal interests. Our colleagues in the press are grateful to her for her genuine support and for giving priority to the law in any situation.

Zinaida Savenco

The IJC legal counsel who contributes to the defense of the rights and freedoms of the press. She intervenes promptly when journalists in the Republic of Moldova need legal assistance.

Liliana Bivol

Liliana is the Program Coordinator and keeps an eye on the media in the Republic of Moldova. With her keen insights, she flags deviations in professionalism in the press and reminds journalists of the standards of the Deontological Code and the recommendations in the Style Guide with Ethical Standards.

Eugenia Garbuz

Our Financial Director has tamed the IJC budgets and never misses an error. To her, debit and credit are parts of a puzzle, and she knows exactly where each element fits. The result: a flawless balance sheet.

Elena Grigor

Elena is the accountant who monitors IJC assets. She maintains the privacy of employee personal data as a sacred trust and makes her colleagues happy by announcing at the end of the month, “Your salary has been transferred. Please check your bank cards!”

Tatiana Corai

She is the editor who keeps an eye on IJC publications, weighing them stylistically and deontologically and reacting when her “scale” shows any errors. Sometimes, she expresses her opinion in the comments sections on Media Azi and Mediacritica. She is also in charge of “Moldova Media News,” the monthly newsletter IJC sends to its external partners and to all those interested in media events in the Republic of Moldova.

Denis Tkaci

He is the cameraman and the image editor and is guided by a single principle in his work: This is quality. He carefully packs each video product launched by the IJC and thoroughly analyzes every idea suggested by his colleagues, “treating” them with counter-arguments in certain situations.

Vasile Lașco

He is the IJC administrator and the driver and caters to staff comfort. In the morning, he treats his colleagues to the best coffee and then drives them to their destinations expertly avoiding the tedious traffic jams in Chisinau.