IJC Project: Innovation and involvement for inclusion and diminishing discrimination

Innovative platforms to encourage civic involvement and participation of socially vulnerable and marginalized groups, professional media coverage of topics related to social inclusion, better access to information of interest to these groups, are just some of the objectives of a new project recently launched by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC).

The three-year project (2022-2025) comes with an innovative approach to ensure more visibility for socially vulnerable and marginalized groups and to make their voices heard through information, training, and human rights promotion activities.

Thus, the IJC will organize a multimedia laboratory and a hackathon with the participation of socially vulnerable and marginalized groups, as a result of which tools, apps, platforms will be created and launched to promote diversity and inclusion and to determine better participation of these groups in public life and decision-making processes. The IJC will also organize media literacy workshops for representatives of socially vulnerable and marginalized groups in various localities in the country.

Furthermore, as part of this project the IJC will conduct an extensive information campaign in order to contribute to diminishing existing stereotypes about these groups, as well as to improving the attitude of society towards vulnerable groups.

Over the years, the IJC has initiated and successfully carried out several projects to promote human rights through the media. “Through this project, we intend to continue this effort and commitment. A democratic society is one in which the rights of all are heard and respected, and the media have a role to play in the process. The media can and should promote social inclusion and change for the better the perception of the majority of the population about vulnerable groups. In order for this to happen, we should fight negative stereotypes and bring success stories about representatives of vulnerable groups on screens, in newspapers, on the radio more often. In other words, we intend to contribute to capitalizing on the human potential of these groups, which, unfortunately, is sometimes lost in a society still affected by discrimination,” said the IJC Director Nadine Gogu.

Information about the project activities will be published regularly on the IJC website www.cji.md.

The project “Building cohesion in Moldova through promoting social inclusion and diminishing discrimination” is carried out by the Independent Journalism Center as part of the program “Joint Initiative for Equal Opportunities – Phase II”, implemented from the resources provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


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