Media Literacy Advancement and Support to Moldovan Media

  • Project period: February 2023–November 2025
  • Donors: Sweden, implemented by Internews in Moldova
  • Objective: The project aims to contribute towards the growth of a diverse, independent and financially viable media landscape in Moldova, and to empower Moldovan youth to navigate their complex information environment.
  • Activities: reviewing the content of Media Education textbooks for primary, secondary, and high school levels, in Romanian and Russian languages; promoting Media Education through training sessions for teachers based on the revised content of the textbooks; digitalizing the optional Media Education course; adapting the content of Media Education textbooks for people with hearing and vision impairments by publishing the textbooks in Braille format for persons with vision impairment and by producing video lessons based on the Media Education course with subtitles and/or sign languages for person with hearing impairment.


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