Media NGOs condemn the unacceptable behaviour of politician Ion Chicu towards ZdG reporter Măriuța Nistor

Non-governmental media organizations condemn the contemptuous behaviour of Ion Chicu, president of the Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova (PDCM), who used verbal aggression and intimidation against Ziarul de Gardă (ZdG) journalist Măriuța Nistor.

On 24 October, in response to the questions asked by the ZdG reporter, Ion Chicu launched accusations against journalist Măriuța Nistor and used offensive and insulting language that affected her honour and dignity as a human being, and violated the behavioural norms generally accepted in a democratic society.

The signatory organisations express their indignation caused by this contemptuous behaviour and underline that this is not the first instance the politician has shown an unacceptable attitude towards the press.

We request that politician Ion Chicu publicly apologise to ZdG journalist Măriuța Nistor and use decent language and behaviour, and that he refrain from showing any form of intolerance in relation to journalists and media institutions in the future.

Independent Journalism Center

Environment and Ecotourism Journalists’ Association

Media Guard Association

Association of Electronic Press

Association of Independent Press

Access-Info Center

Press Freedom Committee

Center for Investigative Journalism

RISE Moldova


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