Training programs

In 2017-2021, IJC organized 27 media literacy training programs, instructing 533 teachers and other education specialists.


IJC develops and offers free Media Education textbooks for primary, gymnasium, and high school grades, in Romanian and Russian.

The cuMINTE podcast

IJC’s cuMINTE podcast is the first media literacy podcast in the Republic of Moldova.

Moldova Media Literacy Forum

The first Media Literacy Forum in Moldova was organized on September 17, 2021.

Video tutorials

IJC has developed a series of video tutorials helping media consumers understand how the online sphere functions.

The show “A click of fangs or the Manipulative Wolf”

The puppet show “A click of fangs or the Manipulative Wolf” is the first educational and entertaining fairytale that helps little media consumers understand and analyze the information from online sources.

The hip-hop song „Pe’nțelesu’ meu”

“Pe’nțelesu’ meu” (As I Understand) is a hip-hop song that encourages young people to think critically.

The Media ABC

The Media ABC is a series of videos in which journalists and media managers from Moldova explain what media is and how it functions.

The Media Literacy Week

Since 2018, IJC has organized 4 Media Literacy Weeks, an occasion to encourage teachers, pupils, and their parents to promote critical thinking.

Media Radar

Media Radar is the first Moldovan tool for assessing the credibility of media websites.

The Media Education Platform

Media Education is IJC’s online platform aimed at facilitating the teaching of the Media Education course in schools.

T(V)E Privește!

T(V)E Priveste! is a platform that encourages media consumers to report media content breaching legal and ethical provisions.