The (AI)ABC of Equality: Technology and innovation for a more inclusive society

Several illustrations from the book ABC of Equality [ABC-darul Egalității in Romanian] now come to life as interactive animations transformed through the use of artificial intelligence. This innovative approach was conceived by the My Friend Association („Prietena Mea”) following their participation in the Solutions for Inclusion hackathon organized by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) at the end of June 2023.

“The My Friend community took a liking to the ABC of Equality. This is an atypical ABC book that explains notions such as acceptance, diversity and love in a novel manner. To amplify this message, especially to teenagers, we looked for new methods at the hackathon and combined the essential concepts of the ABC of Equality with artificial intelligence and created and launched the (AI)ABC of Equality,” reported Ludmila Adamciuc, founder of the My Friend Association, an organization that is a symbol of tolerance, acceptance and social inclusion and that campaigns for harmonious growth of a society receptive to young people and adults with Down Syndrome.

The name (AI) ABC of Equality is derived from the original title of the book with AI added to announce the innovative elements it contains. There is no need for special equipment to read it. All you need is a smartphone connected to the Internet. With the help of the Artivive app (which you’ll need to download), you just point the phone’s camera at the illustrations and they will come to life and tell their stories digitally. It will work with any ABC book whether you bought it before or after the hackathon, Ludmila Adamciuc explained.

The illustrations were presented at public events in Chisinau, Balti and Cahul during Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October 2023 and were viewed over 4,000 times. The project connected participants of different ages and experiences: children with or without special needs, parents, grandparents, teachers, journalists and influencers.

(AI)ABC of Equality is much more than just a digital exhibition. In a society where the acceptance and integration of diversity are fundamental aspects for the development and progress of our community, this project brought to the forefront a vital theme: equality and inclusion for people with various health conditions and abilities. The hackathon was a unique experience that gave us the chance to generate and implement innovative ideas. We had access to resources, expertise and valuable support from mentors. We have thus strengthened as a team and also as an organization that implements innovative solutions,” Ms Adamciuc proclaimed.

The Solutions for Inclusion hackathon was organized as part of the project “Building Cohesion in Moldova through Promoting Social Inclusion and Diminishing Discrimination” carried out by the Independent Journalism Center as part of the program “Joint Initiative for Equal Opportunities – Phase II” implemented with the support of the Government of Switzerland.  


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