Training and Assistance

Training and professionalizing the journalist community are among the priorities of the Independent Journalism Center. Year after year, we encourage and support journalists for the benefit of media consumers.

To help them keep pace with new media trends, we invite journalists to join training or assistance programs supported by the best experts from Moldova and abroad.

Vast foreign experience in developing media outlets is important for Moldovan editorial teams, and our journalists try to adapt it to the needs of the local media market. This has led to the appearance of podcasts and videos on various social platforms and for MoJo which can be used to create video content with the help of a mobile phone. We constantly diversify our training programs to meet the needs of mass media.

Every year, we provide assistance to a number of media outlets to help them extend their online audiences, increase their incomes and significantly improve the quality of their products. We also teach journalists how to plan their online content better, how to implement a business plan and how to monetize their creativity.

That is our way of supporting the development and enhancement of the journalistic trade in compliance with the standards of deontology and professional ethics.