Media NGOs are concerned about the defamation campaign against TV8 team and send a solidarity message to all journalists who do their job honestly

Non-governmental media organizations are concerned because of defamatory speculations being spread in the public space against the TV8 channel’s team and hate speech aimed at the media outlet’s journalists and other media professionals in Moldova.

Following a conflict of interest claimed by Natalia Morari, ex-member of Media Alternativa NGO’s Management Board and founder of TV8, as well as some of her Facebook posts which have been fully and categorically disclaimed by TV8, the TV channel’s team became subject to defamatory messages, especially in the online environment. Some social network users, as well as former and current politicians, threw defamatory accusations at all the TV channel’s journalists and at other media outlets as well, resorting to non-evidential speculations, injuries and statements affecting honor, dignity and professional reputation.

We find with dismay that this case is exploited by people controlled by various controversial politicians and business persons involved in illegal activities whose aim is to discredit and instigate hate against Moldovan journalists generally, and independent and investigative journalism in particular.

Signatory organizations send a message of solidarity with all national journalists who preserve the values of professional ethics and follow the Journalistic Deontology Code of Moldova. We urge social network users and media consumers to maintain a civilized language in relation to journalists and to learn to make a difference between honest journalists whose work is to properly inform the public and reveal corruption schemes and those who support specific interests on the pretense of journalism. We demand that hate speech and stigmatization of female journalists be eliminated from public discourse. We ask policymakers and their affiliates to cease to instigate intolerance and defamation of independent journalism which stands on the observance of ethical values of our profession.

Independent Journalism Center

Association of Independent Press

Association of Electronic Press

Media Guard Association


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