Media NGOs condemn the abuses by the self-proclaimed authorities in Tiraspol against the media and demand the immediate release of journalist Viorica Tătaru

Non-governmental media organizations condemn the perpetuation of abusive and illegal practices by the separatist forces in Tiraspol towards journalists and urge the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Moldova to ensure the rights and freedoms of its citizens as guaranteed by law.

On January 24, TV8 journalist Viorica Tătaru was apprehended by unrecognized security forces in Tiraspol while carrying out her journalistic duties. We bring to the attention of the legitimate authorities of the Republic of Moldova the gravity of the violations of human rights, both nationally and internationally guaranteed, involving the infringement of individual freedoms, personal safety, and interference with the specific rights safeguarded for journalists.

We remind that Article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova guarantees the inviolability of individual freedom and personal safety, and under Article 4(1) of the Law on Freedom of Expression, the state is obligated to guarantee the freedom of expression of the mass media. Thus, no one can prohibit or hinder the media from disseminating information of public interest except under the conditions of the law. Furthermore, paragraph (5) of the same article stipulates that the intentional illegal obstruction of media activities entails criminal liability.

The signatory organizations vehemently condemn the abusive and illegal actions of the separatist forces in Tiraspol against journalists and highlight the inadmissibility of tolerating such serious violations.

We urge the legitimate authorities of the Republic of Moldova to promptly intervene for the release of journalist Viorica Tătaru, who is currently detained in Tiraspol. Furthermore, we call on them to take necessary measures to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the press, as guaranteed by law.

Independent Journalism Center

Media Guard Association

Association of Electronic Press

Association of Independent Press

‘Access-Info’ Center

Center for Investigative Journalism

Press Freedom Committee

RISE Moldova


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