IJC awards the most original photos and videos created by pupils during the Media Literacy Week

The Independent Journalism Center nominated the winners of the media literacy photo and video contests organized during the 2021 Media Literacy Week. The award ceremony was held online on Monday, November 29, 2021, and was attended by the participants and the teachers who had also been involved in preparing the fourth MIL Week.

At the launch of the event, Olena Ponomarenko, DW Akademie Program Director in the Republic of Moldova, congratulated the pupils for their effort and ingenuity, despite working during the pandemic. “You have proven to be part of a media-educated community,” she mentioned. Natalia Gribinet-Strogoteanu, Head of the Media Literacy program at the Youth Media Center, who had conducted the online training “Quality and Impactful Videos: How To Make Them?” for a group of participants, was glad to see that the young people had followed her advice. “This contest is a chance for you to affirm yourselves. I hope you are enthusiastic and will create more quality content in the future,” she said.

This year IJC held two contests for two categories of pupils: those from primary school and those from gymnasium and lyceum classes, respectively. The younger participants had to prepare a photo on the topic “Virtual Space: Friend or Foe?”, and gymnasium and lyceum pupils had to film and edit a video on the topic “Debunking Falsehood and Misinformation on Social Networks.” In total, 57 materials were submitted, including 38 photographs and 19 videos. Six prizes were awarded to primary school pupils and seven to secondary school pupils. The winning materials are presented below in random order.

Primary school level

The winners

Honorable mentions

Middle and high school level

The winners

Virineia Carapirea, „Constantin Stere” Lyceum, Basarabeasca district

Vladlena Fosa, Caracușenii Vechi Lyceum, Briceni district

Constantin Neghina, „Ion Creangă” Republican Lyceum, Balti municipality

Beatrice Cebotari, „Mihail Stratulat” Lyceum, Boscana, Criuleni district

Lorena Railean, „Da Vinci” Lyceum, Chisinau municipality

Honorable mentions

Alexandrina Postolache, „Prometeu-Prim” Lyceum, Chisinau municipality

Mariana Carapirea, „Constantin Stere” Lyceum, Basarabeasca district

During the fourth Media Literacy Week in Moldova, held on October 18-24 2021, debates, public lessons, round-table discussions, parents’ evenings, meetings with journalists and writers, poster contests and exhibitions, games, quizzes, and online security lessons were organized. The events were held during Media Education or other lessons, as well as outside classes, and were attended by over 1.000 pupils and teachers.

Svetlana Jitariuc, Media Education teacher at “Stefan cel Mare” Lyceum in Grigoriopol, motivated her pupils to get actively involved during the week.

“The implemented activities have had a positive impact on the pupils. They received new information, created products, distributed leaflets to other pupils and parents, and prepared a video presentation which included analysis, argumentation, and feedback,” the teacher told us.

The event was organized as part of the “Strengthening of Media and Information Literacy in the Republic of Moldova” project implemented by IJC with the support of Deutsche Welle Akademie and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


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