Building Media Capacity to Produce High-Quality and Creative Local News Content

  • Project period: August 2019–June 2022
  • Donor: US Embassy to the Republic of Moldova
  • Objective: strengthening the capacities of the media in the Republic of Moldova to produce high-quality and creative journalistic content; contributing to the valorization of the IJC long-term postgraduate program – the School of Journalism of Moldova; developing skills and competencies contributing to the professional success of the graduates and beneficiaries of the School’s courses.
  • Activities: adapting the studies to the needs of the media market; sharing knowledge about writing texts and using sound and images to produce materials for several types of platforms: print and online publications, radio or video materials, and social media.
  • Results: For three academic years, students, journalists, managers, and content production specialists, as well as freelancers, vloggers, bloggers, etc. attended the School’s courses. 28 students of the School, as well as 184 persons who attended particular courses of the School, gained knowledge and skills in writing texts for print or online publications and using sound and images to create video or radio materials. As a result of these activities, 20 media institutions from the Republic of Moldova which employed the School’s students and/or persons who attended the courses improved their human resources for producing high-quality journalistic content. Besides, following a study visit to Berlin, Germany, 10 journalists improved their knowledge of several international institutions’ working procedures. Simultaneously, the School’s website was revised and updated.


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